The following are self proclaimed book addicts and members of Book Addicts:

Sarah Pearson
I have always been a book addict, as far back as I can remember. I was teased by schoolmates for being the bookworm, and my parents received threatening letters from my teachers warning them not to let me bring books to school with me. I always had my nose in a book; it was my escape. Dragons, unicorns, knights in shining armor; every young girl's dream. As I grew, my tastes matured and refined, but I've never lost that love of books. I am now addicted to books and the comforts they bring to life. :-)

Heather, aka Illusions
If I were to total up the cost of every book that I have...I could have paid my way through college and not have to worry about grants for graduate school...:D

Jo Anderson
The first book I read, all the way through, was "Desiree". I don't even remember the author now, but story was a romance between a young 18yr. old girl and Napoleon Bonaparte. I was a freshman in high school. I've always had a book close at hand since. I've went through romance, mystery, sci-fi back to romance and now I'm "into" parnormal and futuristic romances. I can't pass a shelf of books without stopping for a look. My TBR pile has about 100 books and I will get to them, eventually.

Chris Roberts
Even though I live in a town where there are NO bookstores (definitely bad planning on my part!), I still seem to add at least 3 or 4 books a month to my pile of TBR while still managing to read 6 or 7 in that month at least!

Katherine Schlem
Hello, I am a Book Addict.

I probably have over 10,000 books of all sorts in my down stairs den. I have 5 bookshelves full and the mantle around my fireplace is getting full now.

I read sci/fi, paranormal romance, action adventure, series romance, non fiction of all types, mysteries, classical books, a few westerns and the sort.

Will talk at you later.

Lisa Kirby
Hi, My name is Lisa, and yes I am a book addict. I really had to laugh because your description was me to a tee. All of my friends laugh because I tell them all the time that when I go by a book store, I can actually here it calling my name. The Barnes and Noble in my area offers a coffee shop also so I tell my friend "what more could I want, all the books I can read and coffee, life's greats pleasures". So yes I see what you mean. I would be pleased to be included in any and all of your correspondence.

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