Cherie Singer

Well, first off let's meet the writer herself. Describe yourself, what you write, and any miscellaneous tidbits the readers might like to hear. :)

Writing works for me emotionally--I'd go crazy without it, and so would those around me :) I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, so must pace myself, but as a result I have days when I'm actually organized! I try to write edge-of-the-seat stories. So far, everything has had at least one paranormal element, and most often multiple aspects, if only to make the characters really confused and their lives muddled!

When did you first start writing, and what's your writing background been like?

In a way, since I started reading--redoing any endings that might not have satisified something in me at the time. Wulfe's Woman was written before I learned any of the 'rules'. I still write by the seat of my pants, but pay more attention to what doesn't come instinctively--my point of view shifts were *horrible* in the beginning :)

What jobs have you held, and how have they influenced your writing, if at all?

Quality assurance, plant management and safety director in the metal working industries, or the money-managing end of the same type of business. More than anything, these positions have shown me that ordinary people are the real heroes of life--and working with so many men (often a ratio of 1 to 50) gave me some insight into the male of the species :)>

How on earth do you think up such wonderful characters!?

Wow--thanks! Most of the characters *rush* to introduce themselves and then don't shut up until their story is done. I seldom have to go looking for them, unless their pouting because I've tried to make them do something out of character for*them*.

What books and authors do YOU like to read?

Everything and everyone! Why limit yourself? Science fiction, certainly; suspense, horror, mystery, pre-history. So many authors, so little time: Marilyn Campbell did futuristics I'll always remember; Laurell K. Hamilton, Katrienna Knights, Pat White, Anne Mccaffrey, Elizabeth Moon, Jean Auel, Tami Hoag--you don't have enough room for all of them :)

What advice would you give aspiring writers?

Be true to yourself. I'd also offer my own personal mantra: make stepping stones from stumbling blocks.

What is your next book(s), and when is it/they due out?

Wulfe's Woman is available at Hard Shell now. Hawke's Haven will be out right after the first of the year from Hard Shell. Hopefully, Hard Shell will also give the final thumbs-up to the third one, Devoted Deceptions. Right now I'm working on the fourth, Glory's Gate and a new paranormal suspense cooking on the back burner. A movie treatment based on the Wulfe's Woman is sitting on a desk somewhere in California right now, but I can't hold my breath long enough for the answer :)

What attracts you to the paranormal?

Oooh, good question. Lousy answer to it, though :) everything! Don't most people like to believe they have a unique 'link' with their significant other. That alone is wonderful, but layer it with further possibilities like past or future lives together and destiny, well, there you have it! Blame the old Star Trek, Outer Limits and Twilight Zone programs.

How much luck have you had in getting published? How long did it take your first book to be published?

It takes being in the right place at the right time with the right piece of work. Is that luck, fate, or hard work? All three, I believe. Once I found the right publisher, seems like the being published part happened in the blink of an eye. In reality, Wulfe's Woman languished at a publisher for two years while they waited for heaven knows what. Within days of pulling it, Hard Shell bought!

What is it like being epublished?

I *love* the amount of input I have and the open communication. I also like they fact I have extra control over the amount of promotion, etc. that can be done.

Do you like the response you've been getting for epublishing? (this is almost a personal question; I'm just curious about authors who have been epublished)

For the most part, yes! Someone, somewhere, is bound to say, "Oh, you're only in *electronic* bindings? I can't help but wonder what will happen when almost *all* books are done that way, even the paper-pubbed! All in all, I like the idea of introducing people to a new way of doing things. I think it goes back to my 9-to-5 days...I often was the first woman to hold certain positions within a manufacturing company, and in epubbing, I can be among the first swell, too, though definitely not the ringleader this time :)