Sherrilyn Kenyon

Well, first off let's meet the writers herself. Describe yourself, what you write, and any miscellaneous tidbits the readers might like to hear. :)

I'm a web developer and a mother of three darling little boys. I love to read and write most anything, but especially science fiction, fantasy and romance (not necessarily in that order). I spent a couple of years teaching college and I love all things medieval--the inside of my house is actually decorated with medieval wallpaper, crests, manuscript pages, brass rubbings and even a suit of armor.

When did you first start writing, and what's your writing background been like?

I started writing as soon as I learned to ;) In third grade, I started my first novel and I've been writing ever since. I was a copy-writer for an ad agency, an editor for a small press magazine, and I've written for television, radio and newspapers.

What jobs have you held, and how have they influenced your writing, if at all?

That's a toughie. I've had a lot of different jobs over the years--radio station manager, instructor, professor, web developer, reporter, camerawoman, copy writer, editor, even a college advisor. The biggest influence on my writing is that my varied background has brought me into contact with a lot of different people with widely different backgrounds which has given me a lot of fodder for characters. And the time I spent as a couselor/advisor taught me to understand people and what motivates them--something that has been invaluable as an author.

Is there any specific way you come up with your characters?

I don't really know, they just come to me like phantoms in the night. I can hear them whispering in my ear, "Hey, got a minute? Let me tell you about myself."

What books and authors do YOU like to read?

That really depends. I read all kinds of things, but I love Lyn Kerstan, Burt Cole, Tanith Lee, Dara Joy, Susan Wiggs, Patricia Coughlin.

What advice would you give aspiring writers?

Believe in yourself. I know it's trite and cliche, but it is the truth. This isn't a business for the faint of heart. If you really HAVE to write, then you're going to have to develop a tough skin, listen to reason, and keep going no matter what stumbling blocks you hazard upon.

What is your next book(s), and when is it/they due out?

My latest is Master of Seduction which is a historical/pirate love. It's just hitting the shelves right now and has received a lot of positive feedback from reviewers and critics. My next one after that is A Prince Among Knaves which is a medieval novel and it's due out November 2000 along with an anthology from St. Martin's Press that I'm in called All I Want for Christmas.

What attracts you to the paranormal?

At this point should I mention that along with my other sundry and various jobs, I was also a paid, certified psychic? I actually come from a long line of psychics--my grandfather was a faith healer, among other things. I was around a lot of paranormal oddities growing up which fostered a strong belief in things that some consider far-fetched. I've also participated in numerous collegiate studies over the years on the subject. My older sister is even a dream counselor.

How much luck have you had in getting published? How long did it take your first book to be published?

God has been truly merciful to me! I've taken a few hard knocks, but I believe in perserverance and it has paid off. Like anything else, you have to take the good with the bad, and I never say anything is absolutely wonderful lest I tweak the Bad Luck Faery's nose and she pay me a comeuppance visit. It took me about two years of "real" writing before I sold my first novel. I wrote for about a year before I sold my first nonfiction book.

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