Are you addicted to books? Do you have shelves full of books you've bought on the spur of the moment, but have never read before? Is it impossible for you to go past a bookstore and not browse, or be in a grocery and not pick up yet another book? Do you know all of the bookstores and used-bookstores in your area? As a child, or even as an adult, were you harassed or teased because you continually had your nose stuck in a book? Have you ever gone to the mall to shop for clothes, birthday presents, or Christmas gifts, gotten sidetracked in one of the bookstores there, then left the mall three hours later never having stepped in any clothing stores with your arms full of books?

Welcome to the club!

We at Book Addicts are not here to try to stop this habit. Indeed, we are here to proclaim this terrible, wonderful problem to the world. No more will we hide behind our bookshelves, or whip that book under the table when somebody comes to see us. No, we will be proud of who and what we are - the readers of the World!

This site is designed to bring us book addicts together, to let us each know we are not alone. Membership requirements are simple: if you love to read and collect books the way some people collect stamps, you're eligible. It is simple to join: simply send your name and a short blurb about your obsession to the webmistress with the subject being "Book Addicts". You will then be placed on the members page and be eligible for any future drawings and contests this site will have, including drawings for free books! So sign up now and become a member today!

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