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July 6

  • I'm thinking about scrapping this updates page as I'm not updating it as much as I'm updating the site! Several new reviews have gone up since the last time I updated this..update.. so be looking out for those. I've added a few more links, both to the authors section and to the links section. I've recruited a lot of reviewers, especially since I have some review copies coming from Speculation Press and other places as well. So, look forward to more reviews in the coming months! :-)

  • May 10

  • Oh my, it's been way too long! It's this accursed school, I tell you! I've finally added some more reviews, which have been coming in for a long time yet I never got around to adding. I'm going to TRY to be more careful with keeping this site up to date, including adding more reviews of books I've read. These will eventually go up, I promise! I may even change the format of this Updates page, using to make it easier for me.

  • March 1

  • More ARC reviews have been added to that section. These reviews are made up of books which have been reviewed from advance reading copies, courtesy of the authors themselves. Currently there are three up, and if you're interested in having an ARC of your book reviewed here by all means email me with your request. We've also been awarded two new awards, so check those out too! :-)

  • There have been more reviews added, including many in the Vampire review section, but one also in the Ghost review section as well. Special thanks to Carol Castellanos for all her reviews, and all the special people who have started to help me out with the reviews at a time when, well, I don't have the time to let alone read! :) Start looking forward to more TT romance reviews as well. Also, take a look at the cover art in the Preview section for Susan Krinard's cover art for Once A Wolf, which I will be reviewing soon! *yay* :-)

  • We got our first award today! BookBug awarded us their Excellent Web Site Award, which can be seen at our new awards page.

  • A preview section has gone up on the site to showcase future releases from popular authors. So far it only has Christine Feehan's upcoming book Dark Gold, but whenever I find another paranormal coming out from a well-known author I'll post it there. When I get the cover art, Once A Wolf by Susan Krinard will go up there. :)

  • The reviews sitemap has been editted and now contains ALL the reviews listed on the site. I hope to keep it current, but it'll probably be updated monthly so don't be surprised if you see more reviews on the pages than are on that list. :) I've also removed the little javascript that says when this page was last updated because it seems that every time I come to the page it resets that time, so is therefore useless. Reviewers are still needed, however, so if you're willing I'll put up any reviews you might have on paranormal books, whether electronic media or paperback (or whatever else there might be!). :-)

  • More reviews have been put up. I will eventually be featuring a page that will show either monthly or bi-monthly (depending on whether we can get some reviewers to help me read as I can only read so fast! *g*) all new reviews for the site. Several more interviews have also gone up, so check them out! The review pages have also been changed; there are no more blank reviews simply showing book info, only honest-to-goodness reviews. Hopefully that will make any decisions for books a bit easier instead of just confusing you (as it seems to have done to some). I'd really like to get a contest going, but so far I don't have too many visitors so nothing there yet. :)

  • I have finally been able to get all the review pages up. More reviews are continually being added, but reviewers are needed. If you are interested, please email me and I'll accept any reviews you might have, even if they are continuations of current reviews.

  • This page is configured to be best seen at 800x600 resolution, 16 million colors. It is copyrighted (c) by Sarah Pearson, 1999, 2000. Permission must be obtained from the Webmistress for anything to be copied. All rights reserved, and all that crap. :)